Cost of Attendance

Vincennes University continues to offer the lowest tuition of any residential college in Indiana.  The Vincennes campus covers over 200 acres and includes 7 residence halls.  Learn from faculty with industry experience and the knowledge to help you prepare for the career of your dreams. Our professors focus on you, not research. You will experience small class sizes that provide a hands-on approach to learning.


Cost of attendance for tuition and regularly assessed fees and for on-campus room and board is published each year in the Vincennes University Catalog.  In calculating your cost of attendance, we also include estimates for books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. The following are the estimates for 2020-2021.

VU Tuition, Fees, and General Expenses

2020-21 Estimated Annual Costs

Residence Level Tuition* Room & Board** Additional Fees*** Books**** Total
Indiana & Illinois Fr & So $6,250.00 $10,746.00 $278.00 $1,276.00 $18,550.00
Out-of-State Fr & So $14,781.00 $27,081.00
Indiana & Illinois Jr & Sr $6,898.00 $19,198.00
Out-of-State Jr & Sr $16,816.00 $29,116.00

IN & IL Distance Ed

Fr & So $6,844.00 Rent/mortgage   $1,276.00 $8,120.00
Out-of-State Distance Ed Fr & So $8,492.00 Rent/mortgage   $1,276.00 $9,768.00
IN & IL Distance Ed Jr & Sr $7,906.00 Rent/mortgage   $1,276.00 $9,182.00
Out-of-State Distance Ed Jr & Sr $9,829.00 Rent/mortgage   $1,276.00 $11,105.00

* Based on 15 credit hours per semester. 

** Based on 14-meal plan in Morris, Godare, Harrison, and Vigo residence halls. 

*** Student Activity fee. Course/lab and program fees vary. 

**** Many general education books are available for rent. We also offer e-textbooks for download. See the bookstore for details. 

***** Don't forget to account for the costs of traveling to and from school. Our official estimate is $2012 for the year, but actual expense varies from student to students.

Please note any fees marked with "*" are estimates.  Costs may vary.

Now, we know that's a lot of money. We work hard to make your education affordable. Deduct your grant money, scholarships, and financial aid package from your total bill. Our financial aid experts will then be able to assist you in finding ways to pay off the remaining balance, if applicable.

Net Price Calculator

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Illinois Residents Qualify for In-State Tuition

Vincennes University is pleased to offer a scholarship for students residing in Illinois.

The scholarship allows Illinois students to pay the same tuition rate as in-state students. The scholarship applies to both part-time and full-time students from Illinois. Students do not need to apply for the scholarship since it is based on residency.

Your own actual expenses for these categories of costs you have because you are a student may be either higher or lower than these estimates. 

In calculating your cost of attendance, we also add program expenses if your major requires such things as tools that you must purchase or course fees that all students in a particular major must pay.  You can get up-to-date information about these sorts of costs from your major academic department. 

Federal student aid (FSA) regulations require us to use cost of attendance to help calculate your financial aid eligibility.  Financial aid need, as defined by FSA, is cost of attendance minus EFC (the result of your FAFSA) minus scholarships and other forms of assistance. 

Be aware that "cost of attendance" is not the same as your bill for any given semester or year.  For example, VU does not bill you for transportation or personal expenses, but we can include reasonable amounts for these categories of expenses that all students have.


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